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Our Specialities

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive eye exams are the best way to preserve your healthy vision. Our team strives to make your routine eye exam visits an enjoyable experience. If you’re overdue for a comprehensive eye exam, call the office today to book an appointment.
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If you have vision challenges but want to avoid invasive surgical procedures, orthokeratology might be a great fit for you. At our office, orthokeratology is one of many innovative treatments that can help restore healthy vision. If you’re curious about non-surgical vision correction options, schedule a consultation today.
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Children Eye Exam

We believe in the power of pediatric eye care to prevent eye problems and vision loss in children of all ages. As a parent, ensuring your child stays healthy is a top priority, and routine pediatric eye care is an essential part of that process. Schedule your child’s visit today using the simple online booking tool, or call the office to check appointment availability.
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Dry Eyes

While many health issues with your eyes present few symptoms, dry eye is not one of them. The discomfort and inconvenience of dry eye bring many patients for the latest in dry eye treatment. If over-the-counter lubricating drops are not getting the job done, schedule an appointment to explore more advanced dry eye treatment options.
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LASIK Consultation

LASIK surgery is the most popular type of refractive surgery in America, and for good reason. If you’re tired of relying on prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses to get through your daily routines, LASIK might be a great fit for you.
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